Monday, May 28, 2012

Knife Party - Rage Valley EP

Good news for people who like good news:  Knife Party released their long-anticipated "Rage Valley EP" today, containing the monster tracks Centipede, Bonfire, Sleaze, and of course Rage Valley.  These tracks have been popping up in their sets for months, and after seeing them performed live in March at Hard New York I've been chomping at the bit to get high quality versions.  After one time listening through the whole EP I think it's fair to say that its a step up from their last release, 100% No Modern Talking.  The sound is generally a bit cleaner and slightly more varied, while also being more honed without sacrificing any of the seizure-inducing hysteria the duo have become known for.  I've provided links to all four tracks below, hopefully they stay up for download and don't get popped by the label copyright Nazis patrolling the internet.  Enjoy.

Happy raging,

- Thieves


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Anonymous said...

I would say this is still at least 50% modern talking

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