Friday, June 1, 2012

From Rome

This post is coming to you straight from Rome.  There's a bunch of big songs getting put out by lots of people you've probably heard of, which I'm going to skip posting, because most of the stuff getting put out by the big names right now is absolute shit in my opinion.  So I'm hoping I can post some songs for you guys that you won't see on every single other blog you may read.  Everything included here is Thieves-approved 100% in the bitch good-times music.

Starting things off with some funky glitch from a group I've never heard off but am excited to hear more from.  This is a straight-up party starter.

From one of the reigning kings of drum and bass comes this massive anthem.  Count on this as being one of the songs of the summer, maybe not on the main-stage but definitely on some of the more forward thinking side-stages.

Hot off the heals of huge remixes of Skream's "Anticipate" and Rusko's "Everyday," Netsky drops this melodic drum and bass monster, the first single from his forthcoming album.

Okay that's all I'm gonna post for now.  I've got some more songs lined up so expect another post in the next few days.

- Thieves


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