Monday, October 3, 2011

Mainstream RemiXXX Mondays Part 2

Back again with some filthy reworkings of those top 40 tunes.  Unfortuntately I was sick this weekend and didn't get to go out and hear these or any songs at all get blasted in cramped and sweaty sardine-fests, but turning the speakers in my room up to max and listening to these songs convinced me they'd be worthy of being played at such occasions.  I've got remixes this week from heavy hitters such as Zedd, Afrojack, and R3hab.  Keep two eyes on Zedd as often as you can spare them.  The dude has really carved out his own sound at this point, which seems to consist of technical bass lines done real dirty and without many treble parts to muddle it up.  He'll be putting out a new single called "Shave It" on Skrillex's new OWSLA label tomorrow, and from what I hear it'll be nutzo.  Keep posted.

Gaga's new single gets the Zedd bassline treatment.  Props to DJ Sky for turning me onto this one.

David Guetta has been opening his sets with this bomb and it absolutely slays.

The lyrics to this song are a steaming pile of doggy doo doo.  That being said, Snoop Dogg's silky smooth aurations seem to match up great with 808s and dirty bass lines. 

Not sure if Dead Prez would be considered main stream but I'm digging this remix so I thought I'd put it up.

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