Monday, October 10, 2011

Eric Prydz

This man needs very little introduction.  Eric Prydz, aka Cirez D aka Pryda is a venerable legend of the electronic music world.  With anthems like Call on Me and Pjanoo in his repertoire, I think it's pretty unlikely that every electronic dance music listener worldwide hasn't at least heard the name.  Unfortunately he's deathly afraid of flying, so unless you want to book a flight to Europe, there's no chance of seeing him live.  It's particular disappointing considering the absolute masterpieces he's been dropping lately.  In the past few weeks he released 2night, which is currently riding high at #1 on beatport and was also in the #1 position on hypemachine.  Just a couple nights ago Pete Tong gave a preview of a remix Prydz did for Digitalism, another giant in the electro world, and its going to be big.  His brand of catchy and melodic progressive house is irresistable, and also manages to avoid being too corny (Call on Me excluded).  Enjoy.

Rave Bear Deeper Cuts:

This song was made to rock 50,000 people in a stadium.  Epic doesn't even come close to describing.  Make sure you listen to the whole thing.

Reach out and touch me.

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