Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The M Machine

The M Machine, formerly known as Metropolis, are an electro-house outfit coming out of San Francisco who recently signed to Skrillex's OWSLA label.  Up to this point they've been relatively quiet, releasing a single over the summer and a couple remixes before that.  They have a very distinct dark, chunky and groovy sound that I have yet to hear from anyone else in the game.  Today they dropped their debut EP titled "Promise Me A Rose Garden / Glow" after the two songs on the release.  The former is a dark electro house track featuring eerie vocals, strings, horns, and a monster bass line.  The latter is a slower indie dance jam which displays a surprising amount of song writing prowess.

The giant "M" pictured above in fact represents the lighting setup that these guys perform in front of during live shows.  I was lucky enough to see them open for Porter Robinson back in August, and let me tell you this thing is sick.  I fully recommend going out to see this act if you have the chance.  I have my fingers for an OWSLA tour with Zedd, Porter Robinson, The M Machine and Skrillex.  Probably a pipe dream.

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