Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thieves Update :)

Sorry I've been abscent lately.  Problems with my internet access have once again been making it hard for me to upload new songs, but I've decided fuck it, I'm just going to post links from other websites.  So forgive me if the songs you download have weird watermarks or say shit like Bacau House!!! in the track title.

More from the nasty Russian duo.  Been waiting for this one ever since Arty dropped it in his essential mix.  Absolutely irresistable.

If you listened to Porter's essential mix a while back you'll recognize this as the gut busting world exclusive he dropped near the end of his set.  Taking it to new levels with a progressive/electro hybrid.

My buddies Bastille just dropped this new Disco House monster.  If you like it I recommend you check out their soundcloud.

Un-fucking-believably uplifting.

New Eoto Live Show:

Just recently learned about these guys, but I'm loving their funky sound as well as this awesome live set up.  They're going on tour, and playing with some awesome company (ever heard of Sphongle???), so if your interested hop on over to their website.  They're playing 4/20 at Roseland Ballroom in New York with Sphongle.....

Happy human-ing,

- Thieves


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