Thursday, September 29, 2011


Pictured above is the most famous kitty cat in all EDM.  It's name is Meowingtons, and Joel Zimmerman AKA Deadmau5 is his proud owner.  Joel is just getting underway with his new tour, appropriately named The Meowington's Hax Tour.  He's unleashing a whole new live set up featuring more cubes, a full LED wall, and not to mention new jamzzzz.  I had the pleasure of seeing Deadmau5 and his Meowington's Hax set up at Outsidelands Festival in San Francisco back in August, and let me tell you it is incredible.  He threw down a mashup of Harder Better Faster Stronger and his new epic, Professional Griefers, accompanied by some brutal industrial visuals, that smashed my brain into the dirt.  A couple weeks ago he dropped an EP on beatport with a few of the songs that he and his supporting acts (Excision, Zedd, and Tommy Lee and DJ Aero) will be playing on their tour.  I've included a few here.  Enjoy.

Deadmau5 throwing down Professional Griefers / Harder Better Faster Stronger.  Can't wait for him to release this one.

Rave Bear Bonus!!!

Wolfgang Gartner - The Way It Was
Listen to this and try and tell me Wolfgang isn't channeling Deadmau5.  It's straight up Mau5-steez.  Doesn't mean it doesn't slap.

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