Thursday, September 22, 2011

Electro House Yum Yums

Electro House reminds me of the candy of the electronic music world.  It's easy to like, it comes in all shapes in sizes, it's got chewy tones.  And you can digest lots and lots of it and still want more.  Here's a few new ones I've been nomming on lately from the likes of Porter Robinson, Dada Life, and Knife Party. Keep an eye out for Knife Party in the coming months, as I'm sure they're destined for big things.  They recently had their first show at Space in Ibiza opening for the Mau5.  Their first show.  And now they're putting out a collaboration with Swedish House Mafia.  Talk about a meteoric rise.

David Guetta - Little Bad Girl (Dada Life Guerrilla Fart #13)
As Dada Life described it, they put this track through the meat grinder.  Nomnomnom.

Lady Gaga - Edge of Glory (Porter Robinson Remix)
This one is best listened to on enormous speakers.  And make sure you listen all the way to the second drop, it gets injected with pcp.

Knife Party - Internet Friends
This song is still unreleased, so this download is for some shitty rip/edit that someone made, but its defintitely a good preview.

Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party - Antidote
SHM does some wobble.

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