Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Trancing through Tuesday

I have always been a champion of the harder styles and power trance is no exception. I have been slipping  DJs such at Heatbeat, Norin & Rad, Super8 & Tab and Leon Bolier into my posts lately because, put simply, they are the future. Just look at sets from Armin van Buuren (the godfather) and Above & Beyond (one of our absolute favorites) and the influence of power trancers becomes increasingly apparent. Here are some of my recent favorites. Cheers.

Borderline power trance, but a great track worthy of this post.

Me (Extended Mix) - Leon Bolier
This guy has one of the most unique sounds out there.

The Saga (Original Mix) - Gareth Emery
"The motherfuckin saga continues..."

- Shake


I love Heatbeat. This track is absolutely irresistible. Can't wait for the release.

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