Saturday, June 2, 2012

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Have to respectfully disagree with Thieves here. Sure Avicii's new track is shit, but Thomas Gold, on the other hand, has been killing the game of late. His single "Sing2Me" topped the Beatport charts for weeks and we have featured just about everything he has done since on Fuck Yeah Humans. Here are two more for ya.

Love the way he pans the chords in the intro here. Whether this is you type of jam or not, you have to admire this guy from a production standpoint.

Taking a classic and giving it a little extra umph.

Trance Without Pants Bonus:

I rarely if ever post truancy stuff here, but this one registers dangerously high on the brown note scale thanks to Mr Robinson's magic touch.


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Anonymous said...

Avicii's new song is horrible. thank u for pointing that out.

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