Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Joda version 4.0

It's Tuesday and time for the latest version of the joda. This week, we begin with a quick detour into the land of the vocal house.

I am not always a huge Sander van Doorn fan, but he does a wonderful job on this tune from earlier in the year. It's upbeat and has that kind of catchy chorus it's impossible to get out of your head.

Oh yes...he did. The Dutch sensation takes one of the most popular songs of the year and gives it a genre change. 

I return to my bread-n'-butter for these last tracks by W&W. They have a unique mix of trance and house that just makes me want to joda.  

Goes hard at the right times. You need to have it in your library. 

Not quite as big, but equally pleasing on the ears. 

Tom Fall takes a damn good original and turns it into an even better remix. 


- Shake

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