Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Introducing Moombahton

Moombahton is a genre that we have not really featured on Fuck Yeah Humans. However, if you would list "getting down on the dance floor" as one of your hobbies, it is definitely a genre that you should be aware of. Moombahton takes sounds commonly found in electro house and the high pitched "whoops"  from dutch house, slows the beat down to 110 beats per minute and adds a little bit of latin flavor to the drums. The result? Booty bouncing, rump shakin, hands in the air beats. Hard on the ears as it is hard on the dance floor. So throw back a few shots, turn down the lights, and listen for yourself.

Coolie Fruit (Valentino Khan Remix) - Schlachthofbronx feat. Gnucci Banana

Hulk (Dillon Francis Remix) - Clockwork


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