Sunday, July 22, 2012

Some new

Having recently returned from a brief stint in the land of maple syrup and limited wifi, I am going to use this post to catch all the humans up on some swanky tunes that I have recently acquired.

The name speaks for itself. In my opinion, he is one of the best producers out there. He has been featuring this song in his sets recently. Put simply, it’s ear candy.

Not post is complete without a little house. So, here is this melodic banger with a strange, yet incredibly catchy, vocal.

Reminiscent of Above & Beyond. A wonderfully uplifting trance track that’s like walking on a cloud.

I continue to be impressed with his recent productions. This track is no exception. Catchy vocal, melodic, and ravey—I cant stop listening to it.




My little brother stumbled upon this gem a couple of days ago. The notorious mau5 really outdoes himself with this beautiful intro edit.

Strobe (Piano Intro Edit) – Deadmau5

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