Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In Case You Missed Me

Here are the jamz.  I've been busy ghost ridin' with RB n shit but Thieves is back and here to stay.

Remember Babylon?  The dirty house track that made you feel like an anaconda was about to hit the dance floor?  This is the sequal.  Congorock's back, hide the kids.

OWSLA just put out another release, a full length from Kill The Noise called "Kill Kill Kill." This is the standout track, though admittedly I'm a sucker for electro house.  If you're a fan dubstep-ier offerings, check out the whole thing on Beatport, particular Kill The Noise Part 1.

This is simply one of the most genre busting tunes I've ever heard come out of the EDM scene.  BT and Adam K fuse electro house and trance into an epic combo.

I am.

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