Friday, October 19, 2012

Different Phases

The weekend is here! And these songs are designed to guide you through the many phases of your friday evening.

The Pregame:

Little Man (Clancy's Deep Haze Remix) - Little Dragon
This track should warm things up with the irresistible vocals of Little Dragon given the deep house treatment by Clancy.

The Dance Floor:

Ran Tam Tam (Main Mix) - Alex Gueasto & Stefano Pain
You are jumpin and jivin on the dance floor as this big room house banger lets you show off some of your wilder moves. Things are getting weird and you don't know where your friends are. Maybe indulge the random dude who has been awkwardly dancing next to you for the last hour with a kiss, or maybe you try to befriend the bouncer who bears an odd resemblance to you favorite childhood cartoon character. Who's to say?

The Late Night:

All That Matters - Kolsch
Either way, you are now ready for my favorite track of the bunch. You have sobered up and are entering the late night phase. If you download only one song from the post is the one. I have had it on repeat for days since hearing it in a live set by our buddy Ill Emitter.

Happy Friday,


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