Monday, September 10, 2012


Home is where the heart is. And while mine tends to fly all over the place, it always returns to trance. Much to my delight, there have been a lot of great things happening in the world of trance lately: Above & Beyond have announced that Trance Around The World 450 will be held in India this year as well as a new album that they're beginning work on (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!); Tritonal released Piercing The Quiet Remixed which features so many talented artists that I'm daunted by the task of listening to it; as well as a heavy plate of new music to keep me away from my schoolwork. It's been a while. We have a lot to get through, so...

Let's start with the Tritonal half of the post:

Estiva, he's so hot right now.

Debuted at TATW 400 last November. Been waiting a long time to get my hands on this.

Melodic dubstep? Yes please!

Here's the rest:

Couldn't be happier that this got a release! It's too good to handle.

I've been really digging this Antillas guy lately. Check him out.

This is ripped from the latest TATW. It's awesome! And I'm always happy to hear more of Paavo's voice.


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Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you trance is my first love always will be.

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